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QSI Payment Processing Solutions in Arizona

QSI Payments is proud to offer Arizona Merchant Services!  The expansion of various payment processing platforms is on the increase as businesses carry out regular research to come up with new efficient ways of maintaining an unflinching relationship with existing customers while they source for more. A general term used to describe the various payment processing categories is Merchant Services.  In simple terms, merchant services are the middlemen that facilitate payment to merchants between the bank and customers.

QSI Payments work with merchant service companies that obtain sales information between the customer and the merchant.  Authorized financial service providers handle the processing of electronic payment transactions.

  • These companies receive the “go-ahead order” to collect funds from the bank through which the payment was initiated and;
  • Also they send those funds to the merchant.

A couple of the nation’s leading credit and debit card processing providers are located in Arizona.  Our mission is to provide honesty, integrity and credibility to the merchants as well as their customers. Arizona Merchant Services in today’s quick pace society ensure businesses achieve their goals.  We do this by establishing quicker methods through which merchants accept and process cards, which in turn increases revenue and reduces the risk of inconveniencing and losing customers.

Arizona Merchant Services Options

QSI Payments offers Arizona Merchant Services payment processing options that are not limited only to Debit and Credit Cards. There are:

  1. Gift Cards:  Anyone can use these regardless of their credit score. Some US merchants do not support them, however those that do have a distinct advantage over merchants that do not.
  2. Automated Clearing House (ACH):  Also known as Electronic Funds Transfer is among the services offered by merchant service providers that involve electronic payments through the ACH network. The merchant service providers are the intermediaries that route the funds from its source bank account to the destination.
  3. Check Guarantee:  When check payments are assured by the merchant service provider to the merchant.
  4. Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT):  EBT cards are similar in use to debit and credit cards.  Electronic Benefits Transfer is only available to those eligible for the EBT program.  Thus the government provides and tracks the benefits to authorized recipients.

QSI Payment Processing Services include:

  1. Point of Sale:  A seamless integration that not only enables the business sell products, but also arranges order.  Accepts payment and updates inventory.
  2. Payment Gateway:  The software and servers that get info across to Acquiring Banks and receive response from Issuing Banks.  It is another merchant service that facilitates communication within banks.
  3. Online Transaction Processing:  A system that enables organizations to track and monitor transactions being processed.
  4. Check Conversion:  A service that processes paper checks as electronic funds transfer but with the knowledge of the payer and the payee.
  5. Mobile Payments:  The use of online wallets that enable customers input a PIN to carry out transactions.  This prevents the need to enter card information during every purchase made.

QSI Payments is proud to offer businesses in Arizona Merchant Services!  We are a registered ISO of First Data and CardConnect and can provide some of the best payment processing technology in the industry.  We are also located locally and would love the opportunity to work with you and your company.  Let us help your business grow today!

Technology through CardConnect

Need a POS system that plugs into your smart phone or tablet?  We can help!  Own an online company that needs direct API integration into our gateway?  No problem!  QSI Payments offers solutions that fit any businesses needs.  We understand that every business is unique and we can customize any solution to integrate seamlessly with your company.

High Risk or Low Risk, No Problem!

QSI Payments offers solutions for both high and low risk industries.  We don’t feel that just because you are a collections company, or firearms retailer, that you shouldn’t be able to get processing.  We view all of our clients as partners and understand some of the pitfalls of the payment processing industry.  However we will work through these with you and make sure we provide a solution that works!

QSI Payments offers services across the United States but loves Arizona.  Whether you are located in Phoenix, Tucson or Flagstaff, we can provide you with the payment solutions you need.  Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help your business process transactions from your customers!  We will beat any rate!

Learn more about other states we service here.

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