New York Merchant Services

New York Merchant Services

QSI Payments offers merchant services in New York

New York merchant services are now offered by QSI Payments!  A lot of small and large business owners find it challenging to manage credit card processing for their esteemed customers.  Whether they are processing $10,000 per month or $10,000,000 per month.  This is why the QSI Payments was born.  We help you in handling electronic payment operations.  We do this via secure credit card processing channels for New York merchants.

A merchant service provider is primarily an organization or establishment that oversees or supervises monetary transactions for other businesses by enabling such companies to accept payments by secure channels using the debit, credit, or gift card of the customer.  This can be done by multiple avenues.

These processing activities include:

  • Getting hold of sales information from merchants
  • Receiving approval for the transaction
  • Collating the funds from the bank that dispensed the credit card, and
  • Sending off the payment to the commercial dealer
  • Ensuring that the merchant receives and acknowledges the payment
  • Process mobile and online transactions
  • Provides check drafting and check conversions services
  • Oversees POS – point of sale – systems and payment gateways

As a New York business owner, you must know by now that what keeps your business running is finance.  Effective management of your funds is key to your business success.  Furthermore, hiring the services of a New York merchant services provider like QSI Payments will be of great benefit to you.  Especially if you are just starting up a new business.

Obtaining access to any of the listed services above requires the establishment of a merchant account with a bank.  A merchant account can be said to be a bank account which allows a merchant to receive payments made by a customer’s gift, debit, or credit card or any other method of electronic payment adopted by the client.

What are the benefits of New York merchant services?

Starting up a new business is never easy.  It is a wise move always to seek help when it comes to handling certain aspects of the business that can be better handled by a specialist or professional.  It will be weak business sense to do the hard work of convincing a prospective client to purchase your product or service, and then when the client suddenly realizes he is not in possession of enough cash, opts to pay via his credit card.  But unfortunately, you don’t own a credit card processing machine or a merchant account to receive the potential client’s payment.  Thus, you end up losing out on a sale and the prospect of the client not only returning in the future but referring friends and family to your business.

Managing the financial transactions undertaken by your business is best left to specialists like QSI Payments who have years of experience in the field.

QSI Payments will also help you to handle whatever problems that crop up as a result of customers’ bad checks, and other financial issues that could otherwise have distracted your attention from focusing on how to grow your business and taking it to the next level.  Thus, you will soon discover that your business begins to thrive and succeed as a result of a boost in sales via electronic modes of payment, which is safer, faster, and far more convenient than carrying cash around.

Currently processing?  No Problem!

Whether your needs are for POS systems or virtual terminals, we can help!  We are backed by CardConnect and First Data and have some of the best solutions in the world. Thus, our processing capabilities are endless and our solutions are stable.

Regardless, if you are already processing through another company, we can still help.  Let us give you a free cost analysis to show you how much we can save your business.

Take the next step today by hiring the affordable services of QSI Payments!  Contact us NOW!

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QSI Payments is proud to offer merchant services and payment processing solutions in New York!

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